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ZenMind: Unleashing the Power of Mindfulness through a Revolutionary Mobile Meditation App

Mobile App UI/UX

Zenmind is a UK-based business that offers online meditation courses and personal development coaching services. The company had been in operation for several years but had not yet developed a mobile application that would enable them to reach a wider audience and improve its customer experience. Zenmind approached Featherwebs to help them build a modern, user-friendly mobile application that would help them grow their business.


The main challenge that Zenmind faced was that its website was not optimized for mobile users. With the majority of their potential customers accessing their website via mobile devices, Zenmind realized that they were losing out on a significant market share. Additionally, they wanted to provide their existing customers with a more convenient way to access their courses and services.


Featherwebs worked closely with Zenmind to develop a modern, user-friendly mobile application that would meet their needs. The development process began with a thorough analysis of Zenmind's business requirements, target audience, and technical capabilities. Based on this analysis, Featherwebs proposed a solution that included the following features:

User-Friendly Interface: Featherwebs designed the application with a user-friendly interface that would enable users to easily navigate and access their courses and services.

E-commerce Integration: Featherwebs integrated the application with an e-commerce platform that would allow Zenmind to sell its courses and services directly through the application.Push Notifications: The application was equipped with push notifications that would enable Zenmind to send notifications to their users about new courses and promotions.

Results: The mobile application that Featherwebs developed for Zenmind has had a significant impact on their business. The company has seen a substantial increase in its customer base, with many users downloading and using the application regularly. The e-commerce integration has also enabled Zenmind to sell its courses and services more efficiently, generating higher revenue for the business. The push notifications have also helped the company keep its users engaged, resulting in higher user retention rates.


Featherwebs helped Zenmind overcome its challenges by developing a modern, user-friendly mobile application that met its business needs. The application has helped Zenmind grow its business, reach a wider audience, and provide a better customer experience. As a result of this successful partnership, Zenmind has been able to achieve its business goals and remain competitive in the online meditation and personal development industry.