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We are Featherwebs, a web development company in Nepal. We believe your website should be your best marketing buddy —always working hard to showcase your brand and drive results.

Let's craft a beautiful website that's as dedicated as you are.

Custom Websites Crafted for Your Success

At Featherwebs, we believe a great website combines beautiful design with useful features, working tirelessly to help you grow. That's why we focus on building custom websites that are both visually appealing and effective in boosting your sales and visibility. With our team, you'll get a site tailored to your brand, optimized to attract and convert customers. We blend creativity with smart design, ensuring your website not only stands out but also effectively communicates your brand's message and delivers real business results.

Here at Featherwebs, we understand that a great website is more than just good looks – it's your business's best friend, tirelessly helping you grow. That's why we focus on building custom websites that not only catch the eye but also work hard to boost your sales and visibility. With our team, you get a site that’s tailored to fit your brand perfectly, optimized for both attracting and converting customers. We combine creativity with smart design, making sure your website not only stands out but also delivers real business results.

Let's create a website together that

works as hard as you do.

Our Custom Website Development Process

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Our Custom Website Development Process 

At Featherwebs, our journey together begins with a free consultation. During this consultation we will develop a full website specification, discussing key aspects like branding, color schemes, calls to action and many more. This session is all about understanding your unique needs and desires for the website, ensuring we capture the essence of what you envision.

Following your consultation, you will have everything you need to get your project started, including a full and through understanding of what you want your new site to look like and do.

Next, we move on to crafting a mood board and wireframe for your website. This step merges your specific needs with our extensive experience in creating engaging and high-converting websites.

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Research, Design and Copy Creation

After our initial consultation, we will start keyword research that align with your brand and are crucial for your online success. Then, we recommend your expert copywriter crafts content that effectively persuades prospects, driving sales or encouraging engagement.

At the same time our skilled designers will start working on your website's initial design. We craft each aspect to your specifications, ensuring it resonates with the mood board and wireframe we agreed on collaboratively.

We deeply value your input, so we'll seek your feedback on the homepage and subpages, refining every detail unit its perfect before the build begins. At Featherwebs, we’re committed to turning your vision into a digital reality, using your vision as our blueprint

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Website Development

Now that the design is ready and your vision is clear, we move to the next exciting phase – making your website come to life. Our developers get to work, writing custom code to build all the features your site needs. This stage is all about turning technical skills into a smooth, functional website.

As we develop your website, we keep in close touch with you, making any changes you want until it’s just right. We focus on making sure you're happy with every part of your site.

When you give us the thumbs up, it's launch time. We'll add the final touches and get your site live. Your new, tailor-made website is almost ready to show off to the world. At Featherwebs, we're all about creating something that not only meets but goes beyond your expectations, from start to finish.

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Ongoing Support

Your website will be at its best when it's regularly updated, and at Featherwebs, we ensure it stays that way. Once your site is live, you'll have full control. We don’t just hand over the keys; we guide you through, providing comprehensive training so you can confidently manage and update your website whenever needed.

To give you peace of mind, your new website comes with a 4-week warranty. This means you're fully supported by us as you get familiar with managing your site. And we're always just a call or email away during this period.

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We'll provide you with an indicative price for your project. Following this, we can develop a comprehensive plan, offering a precise quote and a detailed breakdown.

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Featherwebs' team demonstrates a systematic approach

They offer exceptional customer service, particularly in addressing our technical requirements for our global wellbeing services. Featherwebs' team demonstrates a systematic approach, and we appreciate the platforms they have either developed or chosen for us. Their ongoing contributions consistently enhance the value of our services and products. We highly recommend them to anyone seeking technical requirements, whether for websites or mobile apps. With their creative and technical expertise, they provide a tailored service.

Karuna Priya


Why choose Featherwebs


Why should you choose Featherwebs as your web design agency?

Based right in Lalitpur, Nepal, we've built hundreds of websites for businesses. Our designers, developers, copywriters, and project managers all work together to make each website special and effective.

We focus on what you want. We make sure every part of your website, from the way it looks to how it works, is just how you like it.

And with Featherwebs, you're in control. After we build your site, it's completely yours – no tricky contracts. You get full access to your site, always.

With us, you're not just getting a website. You're getting a team that really cares about making your website great.

Our Custom Website Design Includes

With Featherwebs, you're not just getting a website; you're getting a comprehensive digital platform, thoughtfully designed to maximize user engagement and conversions

Tailored Design

Uaanique designs that reflect your brand and meet your goals, crafted through close collaboration with you.

Responsive Layouts

Your website will look and function seamlessly across all devices, ensuring a great experience for every user


How we optimized your website

  • Every pages comes with optimized title and meta description.
  • We’ll handle the creation and submission of your sitemap.
  • Your website will be submitted to the Google Search Console
  • We will install Google Analytics onto the website.
  • We carefully structure your URLs, pages and overall website.

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